Respiratory Protection


Firefighters and professional Divers

Authorization of professional associations to carry out occupational medical examinations according to G26 “Respiratory protection devices".


Authorization of the State Office for Consumer Protection, Occupational Health and Safety in the Saarland pursuant to § 13 of the Compressed Air Ordinance to carry out occupational medical examinations and precautionary measures pursuant to § 10 and § 11 of the Ordinance on Compressed Air Regulations for persons working in compressed air (§ 1 DruckluftV).

G 26 – Preventive examinations

According to Section 14 of the accident prevention regulations (“Fire Brigades" (GUV-V C53), only “physically and technically suitable fire-brigade personnel may be used for the fire brigade service.") Special requirements on physical suitability are given to respiratory responders. The physical suitability of respiratory protective equipment must be determined and supervised by occupational medical examinations according to the “G 26 respiratory protection" principle, see UVV “Occupational Health Provisions" (GUV-V A4) and fire service regulations “Respiratory Protection" (FwDV 7).

Fire-brigade personnel performing work under a filter device must be tested for “G 26 Group 2", wear-resistant respirators (for example, compressed air breathing apparatus) according to “G 26 Group 3". Firefighters who carry filter devices exclusively for escape and self-rescue do not have to be tested according to “G 26".

The initial examination must be carried out before the start of the training. On the part of the carrier of the fire brigade, care must be taken that the deadlines for the follow-up investigations are complied with.

Preliminary examinations are necessary if the examining physician considers this necessary because of the findings or if there are indications of health concerns, e.g. By longer or more frequent diseases.