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Study at the medical and philosophical faculties of the University of Saarland. Licensed in 1982. Graduated  as a Specialist for Surgery in 1988. Doctorate  in 1988.

Since 01.01.1990 established in Blieskastel as an expert for surgery and specialised on hand surgery.

Specialties: urgent care, sports medicine, orthopedic diseases as well as chiropractic of  joints and spine. Outpatient operations.

Permission  as a transit physician, considering professional association (D-physician for School, Kindergarden and work accidents)

Diving and Overpressure (hyperbaric) Medicine Germany (GTÜM). Instructor CMAS and SSI **. Diving medical examinations G31 Respiratory protection tests G26

Member of the modelproject considering hand surgery of  German professional associations..

Further education according to § 6 ( training regulations) for 1 year  of surgery.

Further education according to §23 ( training regulations ) for 1 year of hand surgery